Solar Panel
Cubesat Solar Panel
Cubesat Solar Panel
Well tested
Cubesat Solar Panel is a set of two CESI CTJ30-thin triple junction solar cells precisely developed following Cubesat ECSS standards.
To optimize its surface volume, we designed the panel in order to host both the solar cells and their power circuit, which are assembled together during a qualified process adopting a peculiar space- resistant blend. The power circuit is also secured by an additional protection diode meant to keep it safe and operative.
As a result, efficiency is guaranteed by matching state of the art technological solutions and groundbreaking way of working.
Going beyond
Simple energy
Solar cells have become increasingly common on Cubesat systems, with many satellites providing solar panels in the last years. Cubesat Solar Panel, however, allows many new possibilities than normal power supply, since it is ready to be equipped with other space technologies such as sun, light or temperature sensors. Always maintaining its great efficiency with a total of 2.1 W power.
In this way, satellites can provide more and different data to ground with no bigger dimensions being required.
2x CESI CTJ30-thin triple
junction solar cells
2.1 W Total power
Satellite in-orbit attitude.
Common satellites imply iron core rod magnetotorquers to rotate and align Cubesat surface towards Earth’s magnetic field. Though practical, this arrangement runs at the expense of systems weight and payload availability.
This is the reason why Cubesat Solar Panel is equipped with a special solenoid providing an ultra airy rotation system: once it is powered, our solenoid works as an electromagnet and produces a moment, achieving a smooth spin that changes Cubesat attitude.
To maximize space saving, we engineered the whole solenoid on the single board facade. The result is an efficient and weightless performing solution.
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