Cubesat Solar Panel
A single system for all
your cubesat configurations
POD is an anodized aluminium Cubesat deployer made for personalized satellites configurations which simplifies Cubesat releases, in every orbit and from every spacecraft.
The structure allows POD system to arrange different Cubesat compositions based on mission requirements, offering a wide range of possibilities among the most common satellite combinations. POD, in fact, has a 3U+ capacity fitting many cubesats layouts, but volume optimization increases when you take advantage of 1/3U stellite/ πCo compactness instead of standard 1U cubesats.
A balanced system between
standard and customization
Cubesat deployers’ standard have reached a high level of versatility allowing launcher to organize its payload depending on mission requirements.
We took this unique adaptability feature even further. Combining POD with our adaptable VIVa platform enables you to arrange your launch payload based on your own specifics, optimising costs and efforts.
As a result, you will benefit from a high customized, tailor-made system, without compromising on the most advanced technical standards.
Cubesat Solar Panel
Cubesat releasing
POD has been manufactured to make in orbit Cubesat deployment possible regardless of the orbit type and the spacecraft purpose. This system can be equipped on space stations or bigger satellites with absolutely no functional impairments.
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