High V/V
Ratio Platform
When miniaturisation means results’ maximization
Thanks to the miniaturisation we achieved in our development, we can now enforce our small- scale, proven technology into other revolutionary space solutions. VIVa is an example of those ones.
VIVa cubesat is characterized by a high V/V ratio since operational structure is condensed in a 0.3U area. Reducing system components in 0.3U volume means a 1U cubesat can now enjoy at least 70% of satellite space for payload. A meaningful improvement which dramatically increases to 90% payload capacity in the superior version of VIVa satellite.
Needs fitting solutions
ViVa comes in three different configurations: ViVa07, ViVa08 and ViVa09. Each solution offers specific payload volume, with the satellite systems occupying 0.3U volume in every nanosatellite.
- VIVa07 is a 1U cubesat providing 70% of its volume to customer’s payload, which means 0.7U.
- VIVa08 doubles ViVa07 capacity in a 2U configuration which saves the 85% of its volume for non-functioning systems.
- In VIVa09 the V/V ratio reaches 90% of cubesat volume, ensuring 2.7U payload.
VIVa07 0.7U
of payload volume
VIVa08 1.7U
of payload volume
VIVa09 2.7U
of payload volume
Smaller systems matter
The satellite industry has faced space problems for a long time. Systems have been designed to balance components volume and launch payload as well as possible, but the results often imply customers have to redesign their plans due to technical volume limits.
ViVa guarantees much more payload volume than other cubesats in the market. And this is possible thanks to its system components volume, which is reduced to 0.3U in each satellite configuration. Small-scale components determine you can enjoy a wide space cubesat solution where you can arrange much more payload.
High payload launches are never been easier. And affordable.
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