Wide Aperture
High-detailed angular positioning tracking
WAMS is our proprietary sun-sensor characterized by a wide field of view and a monolithic structure which makes it extremely suitable for a number of different aerospace and ground applications.
Demonstrated during FEES Mission, it can be easily integrated as a standalone device or as part of our Cubesat Solar Panel.
Devised for reliability
Precision is the core trait of this sun-sensors.
Its wide aperture enables WAMS to offer a 170° maximum field of view, more than 40% higher than market alternatives in the same price range. With WAMS equipped on a satellite, sun position can be acquired quicker and in an increased variety of conditions, with benefits in adjusting the spacecraft attitude and gaining the maximum energy from solar panels in the most convenient way.
WAMS structure is conceived to reach both the best reliability and stability. Since it is made of a single monolithic unit instead of the combination of a chip and a pierced panel, the manufacturing and calibration processes get substantially more easier and trustworthy. This ultimately means WAMS is more stable and constant and it guarantees excellent performance even in stressful situations.
Our commitment in designing WAMS led us to the winning of Innodriver Announcement by Regione Lombardia.
Opening to
limitless purposes
Sun-sensor market is currently serving a huge number of different businesses in the most advanced fields.
WAMS is specifically intended to support the renewable energy industry, the automotive supply chain and products and the aeronautics and defense field.
Moreover, WAMS opens to all IoT developments and their applications, from building photovoltaic to smart agrifood and farming.
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